The ICOminter app allows the user to earn rewards.   When the user achieves the reward threshold which is stated in the app, the rewards are then transferred to their crypto-wallet as BONES tokens.   The BONES tokens can be sold or traded for other popular tokens such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, ZCash and many other Altcoins on the WAVES DEX exchange.   The user can also acquire BONES tokens by trading with these same tokens.

To use your BONES tokens, follow the steps below to order and obtain popular products.   The list of products available will expand and change based on the demand from BONES token users.

  1. Browse the products listed
  2. Click on the image for more details, or click on “quick view” for a brief description
  3. When you find a product you want to order, click on “add to cart”


You will see a blue icon on the shopping cart image in the right to show you how many products you have in your shopping cart

  1. If you wish to keep shopping then click on “Home” to go back to the main shopping page

You can view the items in your shopping cart or checkout to complete your order by clicking on the shopping car icon at any time.

  1. When you are ready to make your order, click on the shopping cart icon and then click on the blue box labeled as “Checkout”.
  2. If you do not have an account yet, then fill out the Billing Details on the left. If you have an account already, make sure you are logged in to your account at this time. 
  3. When Billings Details are complete, click on the blue box “Place Order”.
  4. You will now receive order information at the email address you provided with directions on how to complete the order.

Please review and follow the direction closely so that your order can be completed and you receive your products correctly. 


Please use your Order ID and e-mail as the payment reference in the attachment message field in the wallet.


  1. You will now be shown a wallet address and a QR code. You can use either of these payment method using your BONES tokens to pay for the product(s).   Send the appropriate amount of BONES tokens to the address provided now and PLEASE remember to include your order number as directed by the email.
  2. When we receive you BONES tokens, your order will be validated and the products will be shipped per the guidance as outlined under the “Shipping Information” tab on the main menu.